Top 12 Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex

Top 12 Signs You're Not Over Your Ex

Top 12 Signs You’re Not Over Your Ex Single Guy in NYC SingleGuyNYC


  1. You convinced yourself it was totally okay for you to watch that sex tape you both made
  2. You constantly see them in the street but they always turn out to be someone else
  3. You think it’s a competition as to whom can find someone else first. And you feel depressed when you’ve lost
  4. After all, it’s just a facebook page, right? Wrong!
  5. The notion of love seems like an insidious endeavor
  6. You refuse to order banana pancakes at the local diner because “it brings back too many painful memories”
  7. Your schedule hasn’t changed that much since dating
  8. 500 Days of Summer and Forgetting Sarah Marshall suddenly became, and still are, your favorite movies
  9. You’ve gained weight without noticing and you haven’t had a hair cut since the breakup
  10. You think of ways to make your ex jealous
  11. You wonder if they ever think of you
  12. You have reoccurring fantasies of unexpectedly running into your ex and unleashing your wrath of sardonic wit


Here’s something you don’t here DJs say very often: “This one goes out to all the ex-lovers in the crowd.”

-Single Guy in NYC

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