Happy Valentine’s Day! (I know it’s not February)

singleguynyc valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day -Single Guy in NYC

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day – the benignly positive acronym for VD. The day where lovers rejoice, haters be hatin’, ignorant cynics proclaim Singles Awareness Day, and the realists carry on as usual. When you’re single, relationships appear ubiquitous; which makes me feel like a combination of all four types of people I just mentioned. Granted, I do take solace in not having to spend much money for this day and not having to worry whether or not I’ve pleased my girlfriend when I’m single. I know some guys that, at times, can relate to this card:


Though, I do not know how safe sex would be if this were ever true. Just another reason to wear a condom.

Next up, I’ll share a story about this past Valentine’s Day.

– Single Guy in NYC

5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day! (I know it’s not February)

  1. I’m married and I hate valentine’s day. Really. My husband never has to get me anything. I do have my own holiday though, wife day. Still don’t want anything on that day either, maybe a little special treatment. I’m weird, I know.

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