Single Status Overview (problems masturbating can’t take away)

Single Guy in NYC - Get Back Together With Ex

Single Guy in NYC – Get Back Together With Ex

After nearly two years, my ex and I broke up. The once benign, amorous relationship eventually turned on its head and became insidiously enduring. And as everyone will learn, if they haven’t already, you only really come to know your partner when one of two things occur; you cohabit or you break up.

I’ve been single for 10 months now. I never thought such a delightful round number such as 10 could bring so much indignation. Since the breakup, I have not had a date, nor sex, nor any sort of female companionship (which I miss dearly). My ex slept with someone less than a month after the breakup. Not knowing this, I stayed at her place for a weekend because she was going through a hard time. As it turned out, I was consoling her because her new lover was not interested in dating. After finding out she had slept with someone a month after she said she wanted kids with me and told me I’m her one and only love, it was difficult to mask my emotions. Quite honestly, when the breakup occurred, I could not even fathom sleeping with someone else. This is part of being in love, no?

After voicing my disappointment and my damaged pride, she calmly stated, “Look, it’s not like I did anything wrong.” The love of my life slept with another man 3 weeks after we split up, then called me to come over and stay with her for a weekend in order to nurse her back to health. And she did nothing wrong. You know what? I’ll grant her that. Yes, she did nothing wrong but one has to capitulate to the notion that this was morally distasteful and slightly selfish. A more extreme example may illustrate this. Let’s imagine a serious couple of 20 years splits up and one partner sleeps with a stranger an hour after the breakup. Wrong? Maybe not since they did not cheat. Distasteful and possibly spiteful? I’d presume so.

– Single Guy in NYC




6 thoughts on “Single Status Overview (problems masturbating can’t take away)

  1. I personally think she did wrong. I couldn’t do that. Hell I’ve been the dumper before and still been depressed for a month. Maybe You and I just have more empathy? We might be more tasteful. Ultimately if she could do that you are far better off with out her.

  2. Maybe she wanted you to know about it…in her backwards brain it would make you want her again if you saw that someone else found her desirable. I’m just guessing here but I’d say she’s a self centered person who needs constant validation from men to keep her self esteem up and you’re better off without her. I could be wrong. ; )
    btw You could always invest in a ‘flesh light’ if you need some variety on your own LOL

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