I’ll Tell You Something Good

I once heard someone say that love was overrated and only necessary in times of hardship. This short post goes out to those that mirror this mindset.

As desensitized as one may become with the platitudes of love, you’re wrong. If you believe it’s overrated then, as Stevie Wonder put it, “your problem is you ain’t been loved like you should.” Assuming you’re not some self-centered prick, I hope you find the kind of connection that will turn your point of view upside down. And with that, I leave you with Chaka Khan 🙂

-Single Guy in NYC


2 thoughts on “I’ll Tell You Something Good

  1. YAY! A fort!! That’s exactly what I was thinking ; )
    nah, it’s not overrated. *tired overused platitudes warning* Love is infuriating, rewarding, draining, fulfilling, crippling, uplifting, depressing and amazing….(basically) when you take the time to get it right. Get it wrong and you get infuriating, draining, crippling and depressing. If you go in expecting nothing but rewarding, fulfilling, uplifting and amazing you still end up with infuriating, draining, crippling and depressing. You have to go in knowing that there will be some bad, but only so that you can appreciate the good. Sorry if I sound like a stupid motivational poster, I hate those things. I’ve been married for 14 years and I still wake up every day in love with the big jerk.

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