Dammit, I Suck at This Whole “Being Single” Thing: Struggles & Treatments

The Struggles:

A man approaches a woman at a bar, says “Hi,” and introduces himself. After an agreeable two minutes of small talk, the man offers to buy the lady a drink of her choosing. Smiling, the woman accepts the kind offer and orders another drink. Holding the paid concoction in her hand, she lifts it up to thank the man then innocuously walks away to sit down at a table with friends.

Elmo Single Guy in NYCIf you’ve been unhappily single for a while, it’s tempting to not only reflect back on your past experiences but those of your single friends as well. The above short story is an example of this, which is why I’m frugally reluctant to buy a girl a drink at a bar. So what does this have to do with being single? For starters, you’re most likely lonely and occasionally get jealous of couples you see on a daily basis. Not only that but getting rejected ad nauseam. When you vent about your troubles, your friends then vent about theirs. Unless you have a unique sense of fortitude when it comes to rejection and a penchant for having a good time, these stories compound in your head, creating a pulverizing migraine.

I mean, who doesn’t miss the midnight phone calls when you’re feeling blue? Or feeling accomplished because you successfully consoled your lover? Or those “I love you” texts that come when you least expect them to? Personally, I miss having someone to joke around with, especially in public. I was at a party two years ago and my girlfriend seductively leaned in and cooed in my ear, “I’m not wearing any panties.”

“Good news everyone!” I exclaimed to the crowd.

She nudged my ribcage laughing to keep me quiet and it worked. At least until I texted my buddy about it later that night.

A guilty sense of indignation creeps up on you as you ponder each rhetorical question. How come that glib jackass gets lucky? Why didn’t she text me back? Doesn’t she want to be with a good guy? Now what do I do with all this lingerie I bought? How did I just max out my credit card at this liquor store?

“Be good and you will be lonely” -Mark Twain

The Treatments:

Accept the hardships of the situation and get stoic: As my good friend once said to me, “You got balls man. You have to use them!” Straight men, for example, don’t have the privilege of loafing on the sidelines until someone approaches them. Don’t be lazy; you and I both know this girl is too beautiful for you not to say something. Even if you fail, and you will, at least you tried. After all, they can’t all be winners.  😉

Privily take care of your needs in the meantime: Your penis will love and fear you – the essence of sadomasochism – whether or not your consciousness will admit it due to the obvious ploy of masturbation to deal with built up tension. I say “fear” because this becomes a common outlet to clear your head (both of them). Gilbert Gottfried famously phrased this as such, “If masturbation’s a crime, I should be on death row.” If I’m not mistaken, Pee-wee Herman exalted this.

Boyfriend_PillowLaugh off your newest lows: It was a sullen struggle at Bed, Bath, and Beyond when I found myself buying lube for my alone time with myself. Or realizing I bought a package of 50 condoms with approaching expiration dates right before the breakup and my sense of parsimony won’t let me forgive myself. In short, have you ever caught yourself having full-length conversations with inanimate objects? Perhaps when your doctor asked, “Have you been having sexual relations?” you blurted out, “You mean, with other people?” Whatever it may be, just give a good laugh about it later and keep moving. Otherwise, this feeling of dejection will resonate when you talk to strangers. Don’t be that person that gives out their number and follows up with, “Here you go but it’s not like you’ll ever call me.”

Fake it till you make it: Seriously, if you want to be <insert adjective here> but it’s not in your nature, at least not instinctively, fake it. If you lumber around others but want to come off as charmingly poised, you act as though you’re charmingly poised. It’s fine to alter your behavior in a healthy manner towards a personal goal as long as others don’t disparage you for it.

So tickle your “Elmo,” get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend pillow or whatever you need to sleep through the night and don’t be contrite about it. We all need pick-me-ups to get us through these harrowing weeks.

Yes, I’m being hyperbolic but you get point. If not, just leave a comment. 🙂

-Single Guy in NYC


5 thoughts on “Dammit, I Suck at This Whole “Being Single” Thing: Struggles & Treatments

    • I’m glad you’re comfortable about your status. 🙂

      For me, it’s more of a ditch I can’t get out of b/c I am trying to change it. It’s different for men and women.

      “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.” -Oscar Wilde

  1. Speaking from experience, I find the men that have the balls to actually come up and talk to me very attractive! I’ve always had the problem of men not having the guts to approach me for fear of being rejected. I say, go for the gusto and don’t give up on us! We appreciate a nice sincere funny gentleman that shows confidence…
    Xoxo, Lindasdatelist.com

    • Well, you made my day Linda. Comments like these provide another foothold on the rock climb of singledom.

      My biggest struggle seems to be where I live (NYC). Many women here are actually hit on too often to the point of – believe it or not – boredom or annoyance b/c sometimes you just want to have a drink in peace with your friends. It’s always a wager, I suppose. Thanks for reading.

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