Suicide Thought Experiment

Let’s say there’s something you desire or want to change that, given a reasonable amount of effort, most people are able to accomplish but somehow you remain ill-equipped and unlettered. Perhaps your motivation is muddled by a lack of know-how. Perhaps your perpetual state of brooding causes you to miss out on congenial opportunities. Needless to say, being contrite about these things only compounds what stands in your way.


Thought Experiment:

Theoretically, if you made a pact that if another year, or two, goes by and you never achieve your goal, that you would commit suicide, would you do anything different now?

We’ve all heard someone exclaim, “He/she couldn’t ____ even if his/her life depended on it!” So, my question to you is: What if your life actually did depend on it?


My blog tagline is “Industriously looking to end the single life and sharing stories along the way.” Therefore, we know what goal I have in mind. One could say that my love life is sort of a do-it-yourself endeavor at the moment. (Feel free to face palm at all my dispassionate jokes.)

Human ExpI’ve contemplated about this experiment for a while now and, perhaps surprisingly, I’m not sure if I would change much. Granted, my circumstances are unique in that it takes two to tango. Even if I found someone today, it would not eradicate the sense of indignation I feel for my capricious luck over the past year. On the other hand, one could always increase their efforts. I could splurge my savings on a new wardrobe until I’m oozing with panache. I could pilfer jokes from colleagues until I gain the ability to entertain a crowd for hours. I could sell my soul to the devil at a sex shop on West 4th street and then bar hop throughout the Village. The options are endless but I’m still ineffably doubtful that it’d make any difference.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.  –  Thomas Edison

Questions For You:

What seemingly unreachable goal do you aspire to? Could you do it if your life depended on it?

Regardless of this post, I give you a Vulcan salute and say, “live long and prosper.”   🙂

-Single Guy in NYC


2 thoughts on “Suicide Thought Experiment

  1. I agree that having a “deadline” would motivate me and help me achieve my goals quicker. However, in the long run, this may not be the smartest move. For example- A caterpillar will take anywhere from 10 days to several months to transition into a butterfly. If this transition is disturbed in any way or if somebody assists with the peeling and breaking of the shell the butterfly will die; it would be weak and not able to endure everyday situations. I always apply that to my life, especially my dating life. Every experience, every heartbreak, every unreturned text is teaching you something about yourself and the world around you. Embrace every little bit of your journey because it’s molding you into the person you need to become, to meet her.

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