Re-Objectifying The Concept of Objectification (Including the Sexual Kind)

An interesting write-up on a contentious topic; objectification.

It seems to me that given the long history of abuse and sexual discrimination, some modern feminists get caught up in the historical abasement in an effort to keep the momentum going for the future. True, their work isn’t done but feminism need not be a dirty word. It’s positive and represents equality. It’s just as important to recognize where the sexes differ and how paths intersect from separate beginnings; objectification can be a two-way street. Hell, any Tinder user objectifies on a daily basis. Despite this, however, it sucks that some men are just idiotic pigs willing to say anything to get a rise out of the opposite sex. Catcalling is horrific in NYC and most men have to hear about it secondhand, so it can also be difficult to fully appreciate the scope of what’s common nowadays.

Here’s a take on this open-ended topic:

Jack Fisher's Official Publishing Blog

Picture, for a moment, the following scenario. A man and a woman are sitting on a couch watching a movie. Since every movie outside of gay porn is supposed to include an attractive woman, a scene comes along where the cameras emphasize just how attractive she is. Sometimes it’s a body double. Sometimes it’s Photoshopped. The brains and genitalia of men don’t care. It often leads to a conversation like this.

Man: Wow. That woman is pretty damn hot!

Woman: Yeah, I can see why you’d think that.

Pretty mundane, right? How many people have had that exact conversation with only a slight variation in the verbiage? Hell, I’ve heard my own parents have this conversation. It’s not awkward, nor should it be. When something or someone shows up on a screen and we find it attractive, it tends to start a conversation.

That scenario is not an issue. It…

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