How would you feel if it took you over a year to get a single date? You can fit quite a bit of rejection into one year, which is why I started this blog. If you follow me, I’ll give you a cookie. Or maybe not.

love-love-31236730-1280-800There seems to be a  misconception about how hard it actually is to get a date if you are a male. One of my friends laughed because a man she knew was still single after 2 months.

“Why would he choose to be single for that long?” she jeered.

Judging by her choice of words, it seemed as though she thought being single could be grouped into other daily decisions such as showering or taking your coffee with milk and sugar – or if you live in a metropolis; bathing in Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap before applying your sulfur cooling masque or taking Australian goat’s milk and 2 Splendas with your half caf-half decaf extra hot cappuccino with a smidgen of organic cinnamon. (We all know those people.)

“All of life is a wager” – Christopher Hitchens

I submit to you, dear reader, that my friend is absolutely wrong. Every woman a man approaches is a wager with that man’s dignity centered on the table instead of stagnant, monetary chips. If I keep writing, that means I have lost another bet. These are my stories…


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my page. I went to respond to your comment, but instead ended up deleting it somehow. Anyways, I’ve enjoyed checking out your page…the single life is a challenge whatever the age.

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